Guaranteed Sale Frequently Asked Questions

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How is market value determined?

One of our top Realtors will personally come to your house to run a market analysis. They give Smart Move a range of value based on current market conditions. Smart Move's purchase offer will in the market value range received from the Realtor's market analysis.

How long are your purchase offers good for?

Our purchase offers are good for 90 days. If you plan to sell your home to us after that period we will simply have the Realtor run a new market analysis.

After receiving a purchase offer, how soon can Smart Move close on the purchase of our home?

Becuase we pay cash, we can close in as little as 1 week after you accept our purchase offer.

Can I try selling my home first, then use the Guaranteed Sale as a backup?

Absolutley! In fact, we encourage it! The Guaranteed Sale is a great way to avoid all the hassles of selling (strangers walking thtough, keeping it show ready all the time, no risk of deals falling through, etc), however it means you may need to give up more equity in the process. If you can stomach the selling process, try that first to make as much money as possible. We want you to do what is best for your family, whatever that is.

How are inspection items handled before closing on the sale of our home?

The inspector will let us know what issues there is with the home. We may request some or all of those items be taken care of if we are to purchase the home. You can opt to handle the repairs youself, or reduce the purchase price by the cost of repairs so that Smart Move can make the repairs after Smart Move purchases the home.

What if we need to sell, but want to stay in the home longer?

We offer the chance to rent the home back from Smart Move up to 90 days after Smart Move purchases your home. The rent we charge is calculated based on the purchase price. However, we do offer 3 free days after closing to give you enough time to move out of the home.