With Smart Move’s Guaranteed Lease, You Can Buy Now And Sell Later

Do you want to take advantage of the best rent market in decades by turning your home into an investment? Do you want to wait for the market to improve before selling your home?

If you purchase a new home from one of our preferred Builders then Smart Move Guarantee will guarantee the rent on your home for up to 3 years! Our 3-Year guaranteed lease allows you to lock in your price and interest rate on the new home and ride the wave of appreciation on both homes.

Rent Payments are Guaranteed
No Landlord Hassles
Utilities are Guaranteed
Maintenance and Repairs are Guaranteed

That means you get a guaranteed rent payment every month, no matter what. No tenant, no problem: you still get your guaranteed rent payment from Smart Move. There has never been a better time to turn your home into an investment property. Low interest rates on your current home, hot rent market, and a guarantee that you will never worry about making double mortgage payments makes this a Smart Move!


“"We decided to use Smart Move because we were 20-30k underwater and were not in a position to sell our home. We would not have purchased a new home without SMA because we did not dare rent it out on our own. Smart Move was easy to work with and they have made renting easy. The three years will have taught us and introduced us to being a landlord, which will help us as the three years ends. If it was not for Smart Move we would still be commuting and not enjoying our new home. Thanks SMA."”

— Justin Mitchell