Guaranteed lease Testimonials

"We decided to use Smart Move because we were 20-30k underwater and were not in a position to sell our home. We would not have purchased a new home without SMA because we did not dare rent it out on our own. Smart Move was easy to work with and they have made renting easy. The three years will have taught us and introduced us to being a landlord, which will help us as the three years ends. If it was not for Smart Move we would still be commuting and not enjoying our new home. Thanks SMA."

— Justin Mitchell

"We were very satisfied with Smart Move's top-notch service. We have already recommended this program several times. We would not have purchased the new home without Smart Move because we did not want to find renters. This program takes the hassle out of being a landlord."

— John Hunt

"We would not have been able to purchase our new home without the Smart Move program because we were 30-50k under what we needed to sell our home for. The guaranteed payment made it possible for us to afford moving into our new home."

— Anita Erickson

"We decided to use the 3 Year Lease Program because it was a convenient way to rent out our home and took the hassle out of it. We would not have purchased the new home without this program. It was a very significant part of our decision and we were very happy with the service we received from Smart Move Advantage."

— Jeff Bingham

"We would not have been able to purchase our new home had it not been for Smart Move Advantage. This Program was very significant in our decision because we did not want to have to find renters on our own. We are very likely to recommend the 3 Year Lease Program to others."

— Heidi Wood

"I wouldn't have felt comfortable purchasing a new home without using the 3 Year Lease Guarantee. I like the fact that someone else is managing the rental of our home for us."

— Maria Miller

"Thanks to the SMA program we are able to enjoy our beautiful new home now while prices and interest rates are fantastic!"

— Bonnie Ainsworth

"I bought my home 5 years ago when the market was high. I couldn't afford to lose all that money if I sold at this time in the market. When I heard about the 3 Year Lease Program I knew this was the right plan for me. I have been very pleased with this plan and would highly recommend it to other homeowners who are stuck in the housing market today. Thank you Smart Move Advantage for bringing this plan to me."

— Donna Holzman